Kitty Paloma - Ibiza Headband

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Made from ultra smooth bio-acetate, our new headbands will definitely turn some heads. 

Super sleek, shiny 100% plant based acetate that’s biodegradable at the end of its very long life and style cycle. 

Style Details

39cm total length 
3.5cm at the top thickest point, tapering down to 1.5cm behind the ears 
Ultra smooth, high gloss Ibiza multi-colour bio-acetate
100% biodegradable
100% plant based made with renewable sources
0% phthalates 
Comes with a 20cm x 15cm luxury organic cotton drawstring bag. 

We only create our incredible styles from a new wave of bio-acetate. Made from 100% renewable sources that biodegrade in soil and seawater. Good for you, good for our environment.