Best Ever Boots - Buster Ladies Soft Toe - Wheat with Pink

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All our boots are made from high quality long lasting, leather including Nubuck and full-grain.

TPU outsole for added grip and is heat resistant to 130 deg.

Anti-static prevents the build up of static charge by dissipating it through the sole.

During our tanning process all of our boots are made water resistant.

All our zips are high quality YYK zips.

All our boots have a zip guard to prevent stress on the zip for all day wearing.

Beautiful and breathable insoles, mesh and linings for comfort in all weather.

All boots come with a second pair of Best Ever laces.

UK Sizes (US size shown in brackets). Because everyone has their own preferred personal fit we suggest you check your current work boots for size and order that size. eg.  If the work boot you currently wear is UK 9 or maybe US 10 then order that size.