Nikki Williams

“My handbags are the story of me... many things inspire me, but my memories of growing-up on a farm riding horses are what inspire me most. I always loved the braided leather of the saddles and bridles, I am just re-creating my own 'designer' version."

Nikki Williams Luxury Leather Handbags

Raised on a farm near the small town of Sofala, NSW, Nikki graduated from Sydney University with a degree in Economics. Nikki then moved to London to study at the London College of Fashion and pursue a career in the fashion industry working in marketing at London's prestigious Selfridges, alongside some of the worlds most influential designers and brands including Dior, Tom Ford, Stella McCartney and Victoria Beckham.                        

For the ultimate in luxury leather handbags and accessories, Kitty and Co offers the Nikki Williams brand, an international fashion designer based in Los Angeles. The brand is known for its modern, sleek aesthetic, excellent craftsmanship, and high-quality materials.

Clean Lines for a Sleek Look

We have a simple set of values: Make beautiful handbags. Treat people well. And tell you all the story of the leather goods we make. All of our beautiful leather bags are entirely handcrafted in limited numbers and not mass produced, which is what makes each bag so incredibly special. 

Foregoing fast fashion in favour of classic shapes and quality leathers, a down to earth attitude runs through each piece we create.

NIKKI WILLIAMS is not about promoting quick or short-term trends, instead we are focused on building long term relationships and evolving with our wearers over time. 

Our vision is to create wearable pieces that maintain relevance and quality over time.

Nikki Williams bags range from tote bags and satchels to clutches and crossbody bags. Clean lines and minimal detailing allow the look and feel of the leather to be at the forefront. Some bags have unique touches, such as bold hardware or colour blocking. Apart from handbags, accessories such as cardholders, keychains and phone cases complement the handbags and offer a complete luxury leather ensemble. A hallmark of the brand is Nikki Williams’ commitment to using sustainable materials, sourcing leather from ethical suppliers, and minimising waste.

Sustainable and Stylish

To reduce our environmental and social impact, all Nikki Williams pieces are made by hand and in limited quantities. We carefully source our materials from places who share our commitment to ethical production and environmental sustainability.

We are actively zeroing our use of plastic to keep our planet and tomorrow plastic free. All orders are now shipped using compostable mailers. Larger orders are shipped using recycled paper boxes that can go into the recycling bin. 

All orders come with a natural cotton dustbag. You can use the dustbag to store your piece or use it to keep your small belongings safe.

For a fashion-forward brand focusing on sustainability, style, and quality, then Nikki Williams from Kitty and Co is a perfect choice. Her durable and long-lasting handbags and accessories remain a stylish and practical addition to any women’s wardrobe for years to come.